Friday, January 14, 2011

Too hip for Granny Squares?

It's no wonder that when I tell people I'm learning to crochet that almost everyone looks at me funny and asks if I'm old. Everywhere I see new crochet patterns I come across the Granny Square. Sure, it's just a name and it doesn't mean much but it wouldn't help my argument that crochet is for more than just Grandmas if I went around saying, "I'm crocheting Granny Squares!" 
Granny Coaster Facebook Convo.

So I put off making Granny Squares for a little while (my first attempt was a giant fail anyway). Then I got Crocheting for Dummies and I decided that Granny Squares were a very important part of the crochet worlds so I should learn how to make them. Turns out they're just as easy as everyone online says they are and I can't wait to decide on a Granny Square project. 
Mike's Finished Granny Coaster

For practice I worked a small swatch and when I was sure I had it after about 4 rows, I cut it off, weaved in the ends and showed it to a friend. She thought it would make a great coaster, so I gave it to her and she posted the picture on Facebook.

Now I've made two Granny Squares and can't wait to send off the other one to Mike!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I won't be a dummy for long!

For Christmas, my roommate bought me Crocheting for Dummies. When I opened it I was thrilled. Most of my crochet training has been through a couple of sessions with my aunt and lots of time on the internet searching for illustrated and video tutorials. What's great about this book is that it is filled with everything I need to know and makes a great reference for stitches I may forget.

A great tool for beginners!
As I flipped through the book my roommate was concerned that I might feel offended by it or that the book would be below my skill level and totally useless. I love her confidence in my crocheting ability! There are some sections in this book that I'll probably never read since I have the basic skills down but there are many more sections that will be a great deal of help as I start working on more complicated projects.

So far, so great. This book has taught me a couple of new things already and has a lot of different stitches and techniques that I can't wait to learn!