Friday, January 14, 2011

Too hip for Granny Squares?

It's no wonder that when I tell people I'm learning to crochet that almost everyone looks at me funny and asks if I'm old. Everywhere I see new crochet patterns I come across the Granny Square. Sure, it's just a name and it doesn't mean much but it wouldn't help my argument that crochet is for more than just Grandmas if I went around saying, "I'm crocheting Granny Squares!" 
Granny Coaster Facebook Convo.

So I put off making Granny Squares for a little while (my first attempt was a giant fail anyway). Then I got Crocheting for Dummies and I decided that Granny Squares were a very important part of the crochet worlds so I should learn how to make them. Turns out they're just as easy as everyone online says they are and I can't wait to decide on a Granny Square project. 
Mike's Finished Granny Coaster

For practice I worked a small swatch and when I was sure I had it after about 4 rows, I cut it off, weaved in the ends and showed it to a friend. She thought it would make a great coaster, so I gave it to her and she posted the picture on Facebook.

Now I've made two Granny Squares and can't wait to send off the other one to Mike!

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