Monday, April 25, 2011

Like Crocheting with a Bat

On Friday, my friend Christy and I decided to make a run to Joann Fabrics for yarn. I needed more super bulky yarn for a ripple blanket and she needed supplies for a granny square blanket. When she told me she needed super bulky yarn too I was surprised, but still being a beginner I figured why not? But when she told me what size hook she needed I couldn’t believe it.

After a few minutes of hunting, we finally found the size "S" crochet hook the pattern required. To me a size "S" hook is hilariously HUGE but we both agreed that with super bulky yarn and a large hook, her project could be very fast, easy and fun.

We were both so VERY wrong. Today when I asked how her blanket was going she simply said, "Using that hook was like crocheting with a bat." She's now chosen a different project and will be returning the "bat-sized crochet hook" to the store.

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