Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Florida Blanket

"Is that a blanket in the shape of Florida?"

Good question, but no. Actually I started this blanket in the car when my roommate, her cousin and I drove down to spend a week in Florida with their family.

When I chose the pattern, I wanted something that could be finished quickly so I purchased extra bulky yarn and used my biggest crochet hook. The drawback of all this is that now the blanket is SUPER heavy as far as blankets go. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure that this blanket would keep you warm in the middle of winter, outside, during a blizzard.

The blanket isn't all that wide (oops) but it's enough to cover your lap or wrap over your shoulders. It took about 12 skeins of yarn and at the price I got them; it's my most expensive project to date! That's mostly why it took so long to complete. There were a couple of weeks there where I was out of yarn but couldn't quite budget it in.

I'm very excited about it and already I'm working on another blanket. Hopefully the new one will cost significantly less and be less heavy. It's nice to have options!

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