Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Purse for Your Granny?

I have to be thrifty in the coming weeks because my budget is all out of whack and I have to make a month's pay last just a tad longer. SO instead of running out and buying all new yarn for a new and exciting crochet project I've decided to see what I can do with my stash yarn.

Last year, I'd found a book on Granny Squares at a library book sale. I'd never quite been able to get the hang of Granny Squares before and I'd hoped that the book would help. With my stash yarn, I found instructions for a basic Granny Square and FAIL. I could not get it right. Everything would go smoothly and then suddenly the first round looked like it was missing a double crochet. Finally I gave up and asked Christy to help me try and figure it out. Luckily she's been working on a project with similar rounds and TAADAA my double crochet magically appeared!

Anyway, I couldn't imagine creating a bunch of Granny Squares without a purpose, so I tracked down a pattern I'd found weeks ago. I'm not really a crocheted purse kind of person, so I as going back and forth on whether I really wanted to build one or not. Since I was already building Granny Squares, I decided to go for it.

This piece was fairly easy to create. I had a little trouble figuring out how to assemble it, but after a little bit of thought I was able to pull it together nicely. The strap was of my own design and attached very easily. I used Red Heart Sport weight yarn, but it's fairly floppy. I just might create another one with a stiffer yarn later.

I still have no idea if I'll ever use it... Anyone want a new purse?

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