Monday, October 18, 2010

Choose Your Project THEN Yarn

2nd Ball of Yarn
To me, choosing the right yarn is critically important. If the yarn isn't just right I have trouble making anything out of it.

The second ball of yarn I ever purchased I let my roommate pick out. Of course she made a perfectly good choice, it was another Lily Sugar 'n Cream and it would have been perfect for the project she wanted me to try next.

"Stuffed" Star
At first I was excited about it. My second ball of yarn EVER and I was all geared up to start working some sort of decorative piece for our family room. The colors were a perfect mix of browns, greens and creams that would have matched the room but as much as I tried, I could not get enough motivation to use the yarn for a real project.

Instead I used the yarn as practice for different odds and ends. First I was interested in creating a stuffed star which turned out nicely but without fiber fill I lost interest in finishing it.
1st Hawaiian Flower

Then I did my first test run of the Hawaiian Flower patter which you'll read more about in future posts. Finally I created a man-thong (Without a pattern! My mom was SO proud!) which came about because of a running joke with friends.

After that I gave the remaining yarn to a friend at work I was teaching how to crochet. I'd like to think I didn't use the yarn because I didn't find any projects that I could have really used it in but I'm pretty sure that I just didn't like the colors.

Man Thong
Do others of you out there have trouble making things when the yarn just isn't right?

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