Friday, October 22, 2010

Hawaiian Flowers

It's been years since I've been to Hawaii but the whole experience was so unforgettable that the memories are as vivid as they were the day we came home. My favorite picture from that trip has to be the one I took on the plane as we flew over the big island.

When I came across a Hawaiian Flowers crochet pattern (found here) I was very excited to find how easy it was even for a super novice like me! The stitches were ones that I already knew except one (Double Treble) and I worked my test flower quickly and easily (as seen in the previous post).

First (non-test) Flower
When I purchased yarn for this project I decided that I would only start with one skein of each color instead of buying enough for the whole project. I checked to make sure the yarn didn’t have a dye lot so when I needed a new skein all I had to do was pick up a new one. Yeah, never do that because depending on how fast you work, the store may not carry the colors anymore. Also, I lost the wrappers that tell me the color name so going to the yarn website was a big fail too.

SO instead I bought all new colors and drew up a pattern of how all the flowers can be stitched together so I can use colors I've already used with the brand new colors. Now I just have to disassemble the ones I've already put together. 

Flowers Stitched Together

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