Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Nifty Knifty Knitter

My grandma has always been a very crafty person. When my mom, aunt and uncles were growing up, she made a lot of their clothes by hand.

When I was a kid, I remember Grammy making several of my Halloween costumes and then she started making Teddy Bears. In addition to every member of her family getting a handmade Teddy Bear, she also made many for friends and of course for herself.

Soon, I became interested in sewing and with Grammy's instruction made a long skirt, a Disney's Princess Jasmine costume (the store-bought ones were always terrible) and a Teddy Bear.

Like most people do as they get older, Grammy's eyes have been failing her and the arthritis has gotten worse so sewing has become impossible.

So Easy to Use!
When I showed her my Hawaiian Flowers blanket she was proud of my work and asked if I could help her find a project that she could easily see to keep herself busy in the winter. Of course I was thrilled to repay her kindness in teaching me a craft and began my search. That's when I found the Knifty Knitter!

My First Loom Scarf
After some research and a co-worker volunteering to test drive it, I decided to purchase a loom and some yarn for Grammy. Because of her terrible vision, I knew it would be better to teach her myself rather than leaving her to read the instructions for herself so I sat down and knocked out a scarf.

Let me tell you, that loom is SO easy to use! If the Knifty Knitter people approached me to endorse their product I would sell out in a heartbeat it's so easy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if Grammy eventually lost her sight entirely she'd still be able to make these fun and functional scarves.

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