Thursday, October 14, 2010

Once Upon a Stitch

Origami Kitties
Every story has a beginning. Just as fairy tales have "Once upon a time" this story has, "Once upon a stitch." Over the years I've worked through a lot of different crafts. Writing has stuck with me the longest but since I've started writing professionally creating my own stories has become work so I started looking for something else to fill my need to create.

I worked on origami for a couple of years and have created some really cute things but I kept thinking that I wanted to create something a little more durable.

I chose crochet based on the fact that my Aunt Janie has been crocheting for years and I knew that if I ever got stuck I could alway go to her for help. Safety net in place, I picked up a beginners crochet kit complete with mini instruction booklet and crochet hook.

Chain Stitch
The book was mostly useless and the diagrams hard to follow, but the hook was made from a sturdy metal and I was able to master Lesson One: The Chain Stitch.

If you're just starting to learn how to crochet too, so far I've learned that mistakes are easy to correct, completed projects are rewarding and a little patience goes a LONG way!

I'm totally hooked! ;-)

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